Don’t Get Sweep Off Your Feet By The Mobile Revolution


Don't Get Sweep Off Your Feet by the Mobile Revolution

Thinking About Mobile Marketing? Better Think Like The Hare And Not The Tortoise!

In comparison to the evolution of the Internet, an extended time frame in which it took many companies years to launch their first web sites, the shift to the mobile internet is a revolution more in the form of a tidal wave. Those companies that aren’t already in motion run the risk of being swept away by competitors who have embraced the revolution. However, a large window of opportunity still exists for those businesses ready to get their mobile marketing strategies up and running, NOW.

Very Soon, the #1 Way That Consumers Will Be Interacting With the Internet Is Via their Smartphones and Tablets

When you consider that 90% of Americans would rather lose their wallet than their smart phone, you know something revolutionary is happening! Although no one has predicted that desktop and laptop computers will soon go the way of the dinosaurs, not optimizing your branding and marketing presence on mobile devices is really not an option. The good news is that only 28% of businesses have incorporated mobile into their marketing efforts, meaning that you can still get ahead of the wave.

Mobile Marketing Is Particularly Critical for Local Businesses

Because consumers use their mobiles (with onboard GPS capabilities) to search for products and services at the time of need, businesses have the opportunity to reach them when they are ready to buy. Whether through a search on Google or a mobile application like FourSquare, the elapsed time from the search to a customer walking in the door is now measured in minutes! This is what is truly revolutionary!

How Does A Business Get Its Mobile Marketing Program Up and Running?

In previous posts I outlined “The 8 Steps Local Businesses Must Take To Compete in a Digital World” and more specific mobile strategies and steps in “The Smart Phone Train¬† Is Leaving The Station. Are You On Board?”¬† Of course, you can always just give In Sync a call and we will answer all your questions!

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