What is Happiness for a Marketing Agency?

What is Happiness for a Marketer?

Easy Answer. Happy, Successful Clients!

Happiness is when that client calls and says “You said I would get to the top of Google search, and I did!” Or, when they report “I ran out of our favorite entrees last night because we’ve never seen demand like this!”

That is music to our ears. It boosts our spirits and makes us want to work even harder. I might not speak for all marketers here, but I think I might speak for the majority. It’s guess its the old axiom:”Success Breeds Success”.

Of course, with all the offline and online strategies that we use, you never know exactly what, or which combination of of tactics, is making the magic happen. (I actually take that back as our monitoring systems tell us a lot!) But, bottom line, it is one marketer outdoing and outsmarting another marketer that makes the difference. With all the geniuses at Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo trying to outsmart and out-technology each other every day, it only makes our jobs more challenging! Our objectives are to try to stay in step with the big guys, to keep everything properly branded and optimized, and to promote our client’s businesses in the most cost-effective and creative way possible. It’s not easy, but that’s what we do, and we love doing it.

So we soldier on. Sometimes we get medals or awards, and sometimes we just get the satisfaction that we’ve done the right thing. It’s all good.

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