About Us

In Sync is much more than just a "Social Media" Agency.

Believing from the beginning that marketing synchronicity involves all forms of consumer interaction, we strive to use all the latest tools and techniques to get every marketing channel and every medium working for you at full throttle.

We will create and optimize your responsive website with SEO keywords, links to all social media, and social sharing options. We can even design your graphics, do your photography and write your copy if you’d like.

We will create custom branded pages on the social media networking sites that make sense for your business, and create and schedule your posts. We can create the ads that produce leads and sales.

If you are a local business, we will work to get you to the top of local search results. Our online Press Releases will build your brand awareness, and our newsletter campaigns will build your email list.

And the most important thing of all—everything will be linked and synchronized with everything else! When we say building your business is our business, that’s exactly what we mean.

We know you are busy. But a call to In Sync for a free consultation could be the best marketing investment you’ve made in a long time.

About Marnie Tenden - The Chief Synchronizer

Marnie is a marketing and advertising expert, with an entrepreneurial persona and a creative flair for writing and design.

A born communicator in a continual state of learning and evolution, her career reflects her drive to experience business from all perspectives and to offer her knowledge and expertise to all wishing to take their business to a higher level of successful synchronicity.

An artist, author, accomplished writer and master of web design and social media development, you could consider Marnie a “Renaissance Woman”. Add to that the fact that she is an avid tennis player, sailor, yoga practitioner and “guardian” of an Aussie named Kari, we’re quite happy to have her be our Chief Synchronizer! (She prefers that title to “President”)

You can read more about her on LinkedIn.