“Marnie has been a godsend for me.  I was a stuck wanna-be business owner.  My business was an idea several years in the making, but it had no name and no direction in the marketplace.  While I had a vision, I had no idea what to do with it or how to start.  I found Marnie and In Sync Social Media online and called.  I told her about myself, about my vision and my message.  Once I stopped talking, she had a name for my business.  I was speechless! Anxious to meet her, and more importantly, for her to meet me, I drove from San Diego to Los Angeles.  I was not disappointed; the connection was instant!  I was surprised to find she was prepared and had done her homework.  We had a great meeting and I smiled all the way back to San Diego even through LA’S  rush hour traffic. 

By the time I got home, Marnie had created a logo; it was perfect!  She had my respect and my business.  In no time she had a website for my review, and a Facebook Business Page.  She has taken on the role of a coach during times I needed a push, but more important than a coach, she is my friend.”
“My name is Olesya and I am the founder of Music Teacher LA (MusicTeacherLA.com). I would like to share with you my incredible experience with Marnie from In Sync Social Media. My former website was not only dated, but did not represent the high quality and professionalism of music instructors we have. I was searching for the top web designer in Los Angeles, who would also be affordable. I asked my friends, business partners and the trusted network of LA Parents Swap group on Facebook. One parent from LA Parents Swap group replied with the highest praise for Marnie from In Sync Social Media. I spoke with Marnie and a number of other web designers in LA. I then asked each of the designers to email me their suggestions and visions for my new website. When I reviewed the replies, Marnie stood out from the rest. She not only knew exactly what was needed to be done, but also envisioned how to implement my idea and went even further! In the midst of the designing process, she came up with more and more fresh ideas, which were beneficial for my business. She created our logo, tag line and positioned my business as the source of the best music teachers in Los Angeles. I’m happy that my new website can show that our teachers are not only established and professional musicians, but also highly sought after quality music teachers. We start children right from the beginning. Students do not leave our instructors to re-learn and correct the techniques with teachers from different companies. We provide both quality and affordability. Marnie was able to establish it on our website as well. She is extremely creative, the consummate marketer and designer, a knowledgeable business coach, and she is what your business needs to thrive! You won’t regret hiring her.
John Doe