We go above and beyond for our clients. We thank them all for our success!

Heads Up Self Defense

“Marnie has been a godsend for me.  I was a stuck wanna-be business owner.  My business was an idea several years in the making, but it had no name and no direction in the marketplace.  While I had a vision, I had no idea what to do with it or how to start. 

I found Marnie and In Sync Social Media online and called.  I told her about myself, about my vision and my message.  Once I stopped talking, she had a name for my business.  I was speechless!  Anxious to meet her, and more importantly, for her to meet me, I drove from San Diego to Los Angeles.  I was not disappointed; the connection was instant!  I was surprised to find she was prepared and had done her homework.  We had a great meeting and I smiled all the way back to San Diego even through LA’S  rush hour traffic. 

By the time I got home, Marnie had created a logo; it was perfect!  She had my respect and my business.  In no time she had a website for my review, and a Facebook Business Page.  She has taken on the role of a coach during times I needed a push, but more important than a coach, she is my friend.”

Debbie Love – Owner of HEADS UP! Self Defense

“Marnie came highly recommended to me and I am so lucky to have meet her. From the moment I met, she was ready to roll up her sleeves and do whatever it took to make whatever my business needed happen. For example, in one case, I was ready to self release a book I had authored, but didn’t know where to start. Marnie took it on. The next thing I knew she had designed the cover, got it on to Amazon, got a press release out and gave me deliverables for promotions and ads, etc. Had it not been for Marnie, I would not have been able to get the book out within the short window I had given myself.

This has been how she has approached every project we have worked on since. She isn’t afraid to try new things, and so, I recommend her, especially to new businesses starting out, who need a lot of different things done and don’t know where to start.”

Filippo Voltaggio – Author of The Little Dog That Could

Brucie Jacobs - Artist and Author

“Marnie Tenden is a rare and sparkling gem in a world now flooded with web designers, social media experts, copywriters, publicists, and the like. After looking over my two relatively dated websites (one for literary work, the other for artwork) and talking with me about what I wanted to accomplish with a new website, she came up with several brilliant design alternatives. What struck me was how cleverly (and quickly) she had managed to mesh my particular needs with the myriad technical tools available to her. She has showcased my work in an eye-catching way no other web designer/social media specialist has done in the past.

Marnie’s talents go beyond mastering the complexities of cyberspace; she is a wellspring of artistic vision and intuition, not to mention an inspired writer and editor. Several times, she suggested more provocative ways to show and describe my work than had occurred to me. She went so far as to suggest an entire section devoted to the history of the encaustic art medium I work with; the history section she proposed adds depth to my website. And when I was unable to come up with appropriate titles for an art series, Marnie surprised me with the perfect title.

I have dealt with web designers who often seemed to speak a language I did not. They communicated with me in such a technical way, I found myself asking for more straightforward words (not always forthcoming). Not so with Marnie. Everything she said or wrote to me was clear, concise, well-organized, and in “human” terminology that I appreciated.

Never before has anyone explained to me so succinctly how to edit my site independently. She has given me a well-written, instructive document that allows me to edit without frustration and confusion. At the same time, she is available to help if needed in the future, and/or to make any edits for me: a comforting thought.

Marnie is a delightful person, a pleasure to deal with, smart as anyone in the same business—if not smarter—and a true master of everything she does. In Sync Social Media is a well-deserved name for her company, for she is in sync with everything going on in the social media world. She doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to cutting edge advances, uses them to her clients’ advantage, and most important, brings an extraordinary wealth of innate knowledge and profound insight to her work.

Marnie has been a godsend to me. When I am ready to begin a blog, there is no question that I will hire her to get me started. When I am ready to plunge deeper into social media, she will be my guide. As soon as my several books in progress are complete, I know who will take the reins and elevate those books so they will be prominently featured on respected platforms.”

Brucie Jacobs

Music Teacher LA

“My name is Olesya and I am the founder of Music Teacher LA . I would like to share with you my incredible experience with Marnie from In Sync Social Media. My former website was not only dated, but did not represent the high quality and professionalism of music instructors we have.

I was searching for the top web designer in Los Angeles, who would also be affordable. I asked my friends, business partners and the trusted network of LA Parents Swap group on Facebook. One parent from LA Parents Swap group replied with the highest praise for Marnie from In Sync Social Media. I spoke with Marnie and a number of other web designers in LA. I then asked each of the designers to email me their suggestions and visions for my new website. When I reviewed the replies, Marnie stood out from the rest. She not only knew exactly what was needed to be done, but also envisioned how to implement my idea and went even further! In the midst of the designing process, she came up with more and more fresh ideas, which were beneficial for my business.

She created our logo, tag line and positioned my business as the source of the best music teachers in Los Angeles. I’m happy that my new website can show that our teachers are not only established and professional musicians, but also highly sought after quality music teachers. We start children right from the beginning. Students do not leave our instructors to re-learn and correct the techniques with teachers from different companies. We provide both quality and affordability. Marnie was able to establish it on our website as well.

She is extremely creative, the consummate marketer and designer, a knowledgeable business coach, and she is what your business needs to thrive! You won’t regret hiring her.”

Olesya MacNeil – Owner, Music Teacher LA

“I just published a book and needed a website and all the exposure InSync Media could give it. Marnie Tenden offers so many brilliant talents! From writing, designing, art directing, creating websites, marketing and pr. She is literally in sync with her client’s needs. She has this intuitive ability for creating exposure on and off the web.

Marnie created my successful website ( When I first searched for it, I was delighted to see Marnie had it placed at the top of the page. She helped plan a strategy and positioning in the competitive book sellers marketplace using strategic key words to get noticed and created ways for publicity of my book to go viral. She was creative director for a YouTube video too! Without Marnie’s insight, expertise and business savvy, my book would not have the exposure needed to make it fly off the shelves.

In working with Marnie, I discovered she is also the perfect business coach. She is supportive and gave me valuable guidance throughout the social media/pr process. I couldn’t believe all the tools she had right at her fingertips. Her ideas are endless.

The combination of talents InSync Media offers make it an incredible value. If everyone used InSync media, boy, they surely would succeed!

Patricia Dennis – Co-Author, “The Secret Powers of Colorful Foods”

“In Sync rescued me from the stress of creating a presence on the internet and all relevant social network sites by myself! Not only do I now have a beautiful, image-rich web site and blog showcasing my work, but I also have a Facebook Business Page, mobile web site, and a host of location based sites like Google Places, Yelp, Yahoo, and Bing doing the same. And, thanks to Marnie’s expertise in the world of online marketing, everything is connected to everything else (She calls it in sync!), consistently branded and positioned, and quickly building followers and prospects for my interior design business.

Working with Marnie has been an enjoyable collaborative experience, and I know I can depend on her continued involvement to keep my business growing.”

Jacqueline Steinberg, ASID – Owner, Eve Mode Design

“The website we inherited when we bought this restaurant was really bad, but when Marnie brought to our attention the fact that no one would ever find it anyway in a Google search because the “SEO” for the site was for an antique furniture store, we knew we had problems!

She laid out a plan for us and we agreed to give it a try. It started with a whole new look – for our logo, business cards and menu. Before she started on the website, Marnie art directed a photo shoot of our most popular menu items. Those now are center stage on our beautifully designed new site, redesigned Facebook Page and table tents. She refreshed our Yelp page and created pages for us on Google+ and other local search sites.

Next up is the execution of an exciting new promotional idea she dreamed up for our Happy Hour, including our first ever Press Release. Old customers and a steady flow of new customers love the changes, and so do we. Never has such bad news turned into such great results!”

Danny Rios – Owner, The Talpa

“The e-commerce website for my business was originally created in the late 90’s – prehistoric let’s say. It had become an embarrassment, and I knew I had to do something, but I was too busy running my business to take the first step. That was, until I met Marnie and became aware of her web wizardry! She introduced me to the latest e-commerce technologies, and convinced me that my first step was to hire In Sync to bring my site into the 21st century. The minute I did I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only does the new site work great with all its bells and whistles, but I am getting COMPLIMENTS on how beautiful it is! She has recently worked her wizardry on my business and product presence on (Which she said was prehistoric in its editing functionality!), and now we’re talking about adding e-commerce to my Facebook Business Page.

Now that the orders are rolling in, I think I’ll spend more time in Puerto Vallarta!

Lucinda Martin – Owner, BodySense, Inc.

“I am very pleased with the work Marnie and In Sync have been doing to increase our business over the last couple of years. It all started with her creating our website (we didn’t have one), including its design, copy, and ALL the photography! She then carried the look and brand over to our Facebook Page and Yelp, created new business pages on Google+ and other local search sites, and designed our very own mobile application. She keeps our website and Facebook page fresh with new postings, and gives me a monthly report on exactly how everything is performing. We’re getting lots of new inquiries and new customers who are finding us online.

Based on my experience, I would encourage any business to take advantage of the services of In Sync.”

Marianne Yamaguchi – Owner, Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery

“When I got my coaching credentials, I was so excited. This was to be my door to my second career. I just didn’t know where to start! My good friend highly recommended that I talk to Marnie at In Sync, so I gave her a call. The rest is history, so they say!

From our initial conversation regarding my goals and objectives, Marnie developed a plan and literally built my new business from the ground up. I’m talking, business name, logo, vanity URL, business card, service packages, brochure, website with a lead-capture survey and service package purchase options, Facebook, Google+ and Yelp business pages, press releases, slide presentations…I could go on and on. It was all so easy and breezy! We talked, brainstormed and laughed together every week through the process. In truth, she became, and is still, MY COACH!

I love what Marnie has done for me and recommend her highly to anyone looking for a marketer, writer, designer, consultant and coach all wrapped up into one!”

Taylore Caldwell – Owner, Fit4Life Diabetes Coaching

“Marnie has been doing a great job for us at the Coalition. She created our attractive and information-rich web site from scratch (45-pages on last count I think), and all the other materials we need to continually get the word of our work and mission out into the public – fact sheets, presentations, press releases, etc. Her help in staging our huge conference at Stanford University was invaluable. Among other things, she created the site for online registration and all the on-site graphic materials. My Board is extremely impressed with her creativity and dedication to excellence in everything she does. She is a very important asset to our organization and I recommend her highly.”

Jim Gosnell – Executive Director, West Coast Corridor Coalition

“When my partner and I were in the process of starting our intensive therapy practice, we talked to Marnie about the look and feel that we wanted to convey to our future clients. She listened intently, went off to wherever she comes up with her wonderful ideas, and came back with a logo design that did everything we wanted and more. She then wrote the copy that explained our processes and methods, and what someone could expect to experience and gain from our 3-4 day retreats. It was great. The business card, brochure and website that she created with her beautiful graphics and flowing copy are masterpieces in our minds and those of everyone who sees them. And, regarding our business, we are now booked months into the future.

Marnie is a genius.”

Marti Mimiaga – Partner, Soulworks Retreat

“Marnie is just great. Look at my website!!! In addition to her incredible creativity and technical expertise, she is simply wonderful to work with. I keep her busy with updates to my website, and her turn-around is usually overnight. She took the branding that she created for the website over to my Facebook Business Page and my fan base is growing by the day. She just recently designed the graphics for my new line of hair care products…

There is nothing she can’t do. She’s IN SYNC. I love her!”

Jim Bristol – Owner, Jim Bristol Hair

“I had an O.K web site, but it wasn’t doing anything, probably because it didn’t say anything. I seem to have a very difficult time writing about myself and my therapy style.

I had heard that Marnie at In Sync was great at web design and copy, so I decided to give her a try. Our first meeting lasted for 2 hours, with Marnie asking lots of questions and taking detailed notes. A few days later, she came back with copy that nailed it – both me and my practice. It was kind of amazing… She went on to design a whole new website with new graphics that I loved, and optimized for all the keywords we had agreed to. Social media wasn’t in our strategy, but she strongly recommended that I have a page on a psychology resource site called Network Therapy. She then went on to create my page with all the information that she had collected. It looks great. I am currently getting very good leads and clients from both sources. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Marnie seems to have a sixth sense for getting to the true essence of things, and is simply a very talented woman. I recommend her highly.”

Debra Brunsten, MFT

“I can not rave enough about In Sync Social Media. I have several businesses, all of which are quite diverse. Marnie was extremely easy to work with, reasonably priced, and most importantly, able to understand each business and create not only a social media presence but a stunning website that captured the essence of each business.

Raven’s Retreat is a website she created for my vacation rental property in Moab, Utah. She is on the cutting edge of social media marketing and integrates this knowledge with her long history in the world of marketing and advertising. A+++++++.”

Michele Dugan – Owner, Raven’s Retreat

“Marnie is the best communications expert I have ever met. I have been the communications point of contact at a number of companies, and am not in her league. When Marnie wrote or edited my technical information, she increased its impact without diluting the message. When she edited my writing, I knew it would be significantly improved. Her use of blogs and social media greatly enhanced the visibility of my company. I am happy to recommend Marnie.”

Russell Kurtz – Owner, RAN Science & Technology

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